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  • Managing change has become an increasingly critical capability in today's turbulent and disruptive work environment. Nevertheless, research indicates that failure rates of change initiatives remain high. Six Batteries of Change proposes a new model that helps managers to deal with this challenging topic in a more effective way, by assessing the extent to which the batteries that are needed to implement change in your organization are charged.

    By setting up new frameworks and referring to numerous cases to illustrate the effectiveness of each approach, Six Batteries of Change shows managers how to develop transformation competency by creating a more energized organization, capable of dealing with faster and more complex change.

  • C'est parce que la Harvard Business Review est née aux USA, dans le Massachusetts, en 1922, que ce livre propose une sélection de 50 conseils novateurs venant directement des États-Unis. Tous ont un seul et même objectif : vous donnez les clés nécessaires pour devenir un manager hors pair. Véritable boîte à outils complète et inspirante, ce guide vous permettra d'avoir toujours sous la main les techniques et les astuces pour assurer un management efficace, donner un coup d'accélérateur à votre carrière et affirmer votre leadership. Grâce à son édition bilingue, vous saurez aussi mieux maîtriser le vocabulaire du business english et toutes ses spécificités ! Quel que soit votre secteur d'activité ou votre fonction, vous retirerez des enseignements précieux livrés par les plus grands penseurs, théoriciens ou praticiens de cette discipline. Fruits de longues recherches et d'une connaissance intime du monde des organisations, les textes présentés expriment les points de vue uniques de leurs auteurs et portent le gage de qualité de la Harvard Business Review. Chaque théorie propose hauteur de vue, mise en perspective, mais aussi mise en pratique des concepts étudiés pour guider la réflexion stratégique.

  • Corporate partnering transactions are very often viewed as limited to «corporate venture capital», which can be defined as a corporate taking equity stakes in emerging or growth companies to gain insight in novel technologies and markets, to influence the decisions of such companies and potentially purchase them.

    This book takes a different approach and analyses corporate partnering transactions from a much broader perspective, covering several types of collaboration models for growth between emerging companies and corporates.

    In this book corporate partnering transactions are defined as «Growth through Collaboration» to stress the different manners in which emerging and growth companies can use collaboration models to grow their business to the next level. This book intends to provide guidance and best practices to entrepreneurs, innovation experts and transaction professionals for the design and structuring of corporate partnering transactions.

    Few entrepreneurs, experts and professionals have experience beyond the structuring of traditional transactions, and thus should benefit from expertise in designing systems to support continuous interdependent relationships and seamlessly integrating various transactional elements.

  • "The quest for performance has long been a concern of the public and private sector in developing countries, including Senegal. In many developing countries, however, the expertise in project performance management is limited, which can have the effect of compromising the success of projects or preventing them from reaching their full potential. It is with the aim of making a contribution to the resolution of these issues that this book is to proceed to the analysis of the performance of the international development projects funded by the Multilateral Development Banks (MDB) and executed by the Executing Agencies. - - - "

  • This book proposes an annual synthesis of InnoCherche innovation network activity to the executives, the C-level who want to understand this digital disruption we are leaving thru.
    InnoCherche is a Business Innovation Network.

    We are organizing an across all sectors innovation watch focusing on usages. Since April 2007 and the massive adoption of the smartphone as our new intellectual orthesis, we are changing all our individual usages. The impact will be felt on all the business models and on many management principles.

    Our non-profit organization has 2 missions: Help all C-level ...
    1) ... anticipate the upcoming digital disruption which will come from the fringe 2) ... act upon it.
    To do this innovation watch, we organize 4 cross sectorial field trip where during a week with 12 to 20 executives from different companies, different sectors and different functions, we discover together the speed at which our business world evolves and in the evening we share our observation to have as broad a view as possible.

    Back in Paris, we continue our usage watch within 8 Think Tank on 8 subjects on which all the C-level must start to form their own opinion (Digital Marketing, Big Data, Open Innovation, New Business Model, New management, Cyber Security, e-Health and e-Education).

    This book is a vulgarization exercise and should be understandable by a C-level who has just lived through the first 8 years of this new digital world.

  • La cocréation, c'est...
    ... une perte de temps ... des bavardages inutiles ... un exercice beaucoup trop difficile Ces idées reçues, on les entend souvent lorsque l'on parle de la cocréation. Cet ouvrage montre tout l'inverse. Co-creation... présente une forme de collaboration efficace, où chaque participant contribue, dans un contexte plus large, au résultat final. Cela permet ainsi d'augmenter les chances de réussite.

  • The transformations induced by the process of «modernisation», including in its substantive dimension, as well as recent judgments by the EU Courts, have left many lawyers and economists wary as to the standards actually governing findings of antitrust infringement under EU competition law, thereby affecting their ability to advise businesses effectively on the design of their commercial practices.
    While not ignoring institutional constraints, this volume revisits the notion of restriction of competition in the framework of Articles 101 and 102 TFEU with a view to taking stock of recent developments, to identifying common trends and to informing the application of core EU antitrust principles in current market contexts.
    Associating lawyers and economists, practitioners and academics, it seeks both to revisit long-standing theories of harm to competition and to explore novel forms of antitrust concerns.

  • You get graduated, and out of sudden you find yourself in a first business meeting to get a job. You get a job, and before acquiring enough experience yet; you are demanded to make successful sales meetings. You don't know how successfully you did to get recruited, and surprisingly one day you have to make a job interview to a candidate. Nobody teaches you these things, but you have to do them. This book is made to help you especially for this purpose.

  • Premier code en trois tomes consacré aux fonds d'investissement, il reprend une sélection des textes juridiques de sources européennes et luxembourgeoises. Ce tome est consacré aux fonds d'investissement alternatifs.

  • How can you boost your employees' engagement and promote a positive team spirit ? How can you establish a physical and mental atmosphere in the workplace that generates well-being and ensures managers make good decisions? How can you make your company more efficient ?

    Drawing on the latest research in Behavioral Science, this book will help you improve your understanding of what really makes us do what we do at work. It will help you make better decisions, and give you the tools to build a physical and psychological environment that will benefit your company. Little Nudges can make big differences.

    The first part of the book takes a look at what we've learned about human reactions from findings in Behavioral Science, and how they can be used to pinpoint what gets in the way of successful performance at work (decision-making, personal efficiency, etc.). In the second part, you will learn how to create a physical and psychological environment that increases individual performance and triggers effective and cross-disciplinary teamwork. The third and final part will give you insight and tools to bring about positive collective behavior.

    Whether you are a company manager, an employee, or a human resources specialist, Nudge Management contains the tools you need to optimize your work environment and boost employee engagement. Win-win.

  • The book is the result of working experience, sharing with experts and teaching at the Catholic University of Central Africa in Yaounde, Cameroon. It is a practical response to the very nature and purpose of the human resource function.
    Is there a human resource management specific to Africa? The human resource manager's approach developed in this book shows that, if principles and techniques can be practiced in every socio-cultural environment, they need to duly take the prevailing local situation into consideration for the sake of effectiveness.
    It is important for the practitioner to be aware of the specificities of the environment to make a judicious use of expertise, with due respect for the human being and labour ethic in a bid to achieve the company's performance related-objectives. He is presently faced with a few major stakes among which personal improvement in a community-based society and the management of diversity in a world characterized by influential clannish networks.
    The purpose of this book is not to study the contribution of human resource management in an African environment, but rather to put forwards a possible use of the tools of a function currently evolving in our context. Indeed, the requirements of competitiveness and globalization impose on companies and their leaders to strengthen their management by valorising their human resources. The integration of the human and socio- cultural factors is one of the prerequisites of a successful company and its leaders.

  • How do you innovate, how do you structure your organization, your team, your personal life ? You need a detailed plan and everything laid out for the future ! Really ? Well, maybe not always. Maybe you need to operate also with the Spaghetti Principle. Discover how you can embrace this special principle and really make innovation stick. Specifically, you will learn how to deal in today's dynamic and uncertain environment.
    With practical examples from leaders and companies you will see how a totally different approach to strategy and innovation can revolutionize your work. With examples from fields as diverse as the Startup world, nature, opera, TED, Lars Sudmann will awaken you to an inspiring and thought-provoking journey of innovation. You will see innovation and experimentation with different eyes after reading this book.

  • Pierre Bellon, the founder of Sodexo, is the embodiment of one of France's finest entrepreneurial successes. At 89 years of age, he has agreed for the first time to relate the story of his battles and his convictions. His words are worth heeding because they are original, revolutionary, and the antithesis of those we usually hear from major business leaders with companies in the CAC 40.
    This book is addressed to all those who think, like him, that history is never written in advance. And that the best way of advancing, of progressing, is through enterprise. Pierre Bellon shares with us his vision of the company, speaks about his raison d'être, his values and his principles of management. He excoriates technocracy. He denounces the deviancies and excesses of capitalism. He makes the case for the intra-entrepreneur. «Before you can grow, you have to begin small. That's my philosophy in a nutshell. It's a long road to success».

  • A guide defining the objectives and role of Contract Management describing the interfaces between Contract Management, key operational processes and key players of Projects and Programs and proposing Contract Management methods, tools, procedures and best practices.

  • À l'heure où l'on s'interroge en France sur ce qu'est l'entreprise, comme en témoignent récemment le rapport Notat-Sénard et les débats sur la loi Pacte, il est indispensable de comprendre la naissance et la vie des organisations et, à ce titre, des entreprises. Ce livre, ancré dans la sociologie des organisations, en exploite un aspect fondamental, à savoir que l'action collective naît d'un projet collectif, que ce projet s'exprime par des règles et dans les régulations constitutives de l'acteur collectif lui-même. Un agir projectif est en jeu aussi bien à l'échelle individuelle que collective, et celui-ci doit être pleinement intégré dans l'effort de théorisation de l'action.
    Réédition en version anglaise de la version française de 2019.

  • The founders of 37Signals assess the surging trend of working from home while explaining its challenges and benefits, posing compelling arguments about why businesses should promote work-from-home models and how remote work setups can be productively accomplished.

  • A practical guide to managing for excellence which gives you the information and skills to succeed. This title offers you the information you need to know to get the best out of yourself and your team by developing 12 core business skills: from effective leadership and controlling budgets to making the most of technology and e-business.

  • Expand your business with the 80/20 rule!This book is a practical and accessible guide to understanding and implementing Pareto¿s Principle, providing you with the essential information and saving time.In 50 minutes you will be able to:          ¿  Understand Pareto¿s Principle and how to identify the 80/20 ratio in any area of your life or business      ¿  Identify the most important 20% and focus on the main factors that result in the majority of your results      ¿  Use Pareto¿s Principle to manage your business more efficiently, increase revenue and get organizedABOUT 50MINUTES.COM| Management & Marketing50MINUTES.COM provides the tools to quickly understand the main theories and concepts that shape the economic world of today. Our publications are easy to use and they will save you time. They provide both elements of theory and case studies, making them excellent guides to understand key concepts in just a few minutes. In fact, they are the starting point to take action and push your business to the next level.

  • The key to motivating employees and reaching your goalsThis book is a practical and accessible guide to understanding and implementing Management by Objectives, providing you with the essential information and saving time.In 50 minutes you will be able to:      ¿  Work with employees to set clear objectives      ¿  Motivate your employees to reach their objectives      ¿  Boost performance and employee satisfaction in your companyABOUT 50MINUTES.COM| Management & Marketing50MINUTES.COM provides the tools to quickly understand the main theories and concepts that shape the economic world of today. Our publications are easy to use and they will save you time. They provide both elements of theory and case studies, making them excellent guides to understand key concepts in just a few minutes. In fact, they are the starting point to take action and push your business to the next level.

  • Say NO! to stress at work  This book is a practical and accessible guide to understanding the key to managing stress at work, providing you with the essential information and saving time.In 50 minutes you will be able to:      ¿  Recognize the three different reactions to stress: fighting, running away and inertia      ¿  Create a neutral space where you can take a step back and analyze the situation      ¿  Find the causes lying behind your stress and devise a plan to deal with future stressful situations.  ABOUT 50MINUTES.COM| COACHING  The Coaching series from the 50 Minutes collection is aimed at all those who, in times of transition or otherwise, want to acquire new skills, respond to unfamiliar situations or simply re-evaluate their work-life balance. Using a simple and effective style, our publications combine theory, actionable insights, concrete examples and practical exercises to enable everyone to move forward on the path to professional growth.

  • Ce livre, considéré comme une référence fiable, a été conçu pour vous aider à briller dans lemonde de l'entreprise. Unemaitrise en administration des affaires convient à ceux qui ont du temps et de l'argent.Mais si vous voulez enrichir votre connaissance du monde des affaires sans passer deux ans à étudier ni dépenser des sous, ce livre, qui offre de nouvelles idées et de nouvelles perspectives en très peu de temps, est la réponse. Il contient une bonne dose d'inspiration, de pensée créative et d' approches dynamiques qui aideront les lecteurs à voir lemonde des affaires différemment.

  • This bilingual dictionary devoted to HR (Human Resources) deals with this matter both in defense and in firm environments. It includes the various HR aspects, by presenting the whole of the chain, from recruitment to career management, through basic training, training, and training in the field, and also crisis management as far as firms are concerned. This dictionary includes some 11, 000 words and phrases in English and in French.

  • This book introduces the tools and systems of management control used in organisations today. The focus is on how managers implement and use management control systems (MCS).
    It is structured in three parts, addressing different perspectives:
    1. Which organisational structure should we choose, and for which type of management control? How have organisational structures developed in recent decades? What is the impact of these organisational changes on MCS?
    2. What performance measurement and management systems (PMMS) do managers and management accountants use? What are financial performance measurement systems and how do they work? What are strategic and operational performance measurement systems and how do managers use them?
    3. Who is the management accountant? What does he or she do?
    The book emphasises the social, behavioural and situational dimensions of management control. It offers many practical examples and case studies, with solutions and discussions. It provides students with insights into business life and a better understanding of control practices.

    This book is the English adaptation of Contrôle de gestion - Des outils de gestion aux pratiques organisationnelles, 4e édition, de H. Löning, V. Malleret, J. Méric et Y. Pesqueux, avec la participation d'Andreù Solé, Dunod, 2013.