• Ce n'est pas de gaieté de coeur que Sadie Hollowell retourne à Lovett, la bourgade texane où elle a grandi. Bombardée demoiselle d'honneur au mariage de sa cousine, elle entend déjà les commentaires apitoyés qu'elle va subir : Comment, toujours célibataire ? À trente-trois ans ?
    Un cauchemar...
    Le hasard l'amène à secourir un bel inconnu tombé en panne au bord de la route. Lorsqu'il lui demande de quelle façon il peut la remercier, une idée de génie traverse la tête de Sadie : Vince Haven ferait un parfait fiancé ! Elle lui propose de jouer ce rôle, mais hélas, il refuse.
    Et lorsqu'il apparaît (car il a fi nalement décidé d'honorer sa dette), elle est à table, engoncée dans une robe rose bonbon, entourée d'une horde de vieilles tantes qui lui font la morale.
    Elle accueille Vince en lui soufflant : « Sauve-moi ! » Couverture : ©Andrew Rich / Getty Images


  • Hey, pretty lady, haven't we met?
    Yes, beautiful thirty-something Autumn Haven has definitely met hockey-superstar Sam LeClaire before. Several years ago she had a passionate, Vegas-inspired fling with him involving getting hitched in an Elvis-themed wedding chapel and ending with her waking up in a hotel room: alone, heartbroken... and pregnant.So these days, reminding her ex-husband that she even exists isn't high on Autumn's to-do list. But they have a child, Conner, and suddenly Sam claims to have grown up, wanting to be more involved with his son. And handsome, drop-dead sexy Sam always gets what he wants. Being a good dad to Conner is one thing, but to her horror, Autumn realises she still finds it practically impossible to be around Sam without falling for his charms once again. And that's the last thing she wants... isn't it?Sexy, funny, unputdownable - there's no one quite like Rachel Gibson.

  • Anglais Tangled up in You

    Rachel Gibson

    When Maddie Dupree enters Hennessy's Bar in Truly, Idaho, she isn't looking for a husband, a boyfriend, or even just a drink. She's looking for the truth about her past, and nothing will stand in her way. Especially not a Hennessy boy. Everyone knows Mick Hennessy is irresistible. So far, he's managed to keep the ladies in line, but when he claps eyes on gorgeous Maddie, he just can't help getting involved. But Maddie's keeping secrets about why she's in town - and when those secrets are revealed, there'll be a whole lot of trouble in Truly...

  • Anglais Not Another Bad Date

    Rachel Gibson

    They say that opposites attract... which might explain why sexy, successful Adele Harris is such a loser-magnet! Frankly, she attracts so many weridos and nut-jobs that she's beginning to think that she's cursed. And it's about to get worse.When Adele heads home to Cedar Creek, Texas, she runs into her first-ever bad date - the delicious Zach - and it seems he wants a second chance. Like she'd ever let him (big ol' drop-dead-gorgeous him) near her heart again. Uh-huh. No way. Ain't never gonna happen...

  • Chelsea Ross knows she's a great actress. Which is lucky, as she's just got the toughest role of her life!Washed up from Hollywood and in serious need of some cash, Chelsea jumps at the $10,000 opportunity to act as 'carer' to famous hockey player Mark Bressler, currently injured after a car crash. After all, how hard can it be to play nice and pick up after an incredibly hot invalid in need of her tender loving care? Just three months of playing nurse and the cash is hers.But Mark Bressler doesn't need help. The moody hockey player's glory days may be over, but he has no intention of letting anyone aid his recovery, least of all the maddeningly cheerful Chelsea. He's determined to get her to quit - and Mark isn't the type to give in. But then again, neither is Chelsea...

  • Heartache, hockey and heavenly bodies - get ready for another red-hot read from Rachel Gibson When money-bags Virgil Duffy leaves his widow a stash of cash and his beloved ice-hockey team in his will, team captain Ty 'Saint' Savage is furious. The Chinooks are set to win the biggest prize of the season, and a beautiful young ex-stripper taking over the reins is the last thing he needs. Even if Faith, former playmate of the year, is the sexiest woman he's ever laid on. Soon tensions are mounting between the Saint and the Sinner from Vegas - but maybe Ty's forgotten the first rule of play: never underestimate your opponent...

  • Anglais Rescue Me

    Rachel Gibson

    Get ready to play some Texas Hold 'em...Things are getting tricky for sexy Sadie Hollowell, about to be forced into a bubblegum-pink bridesmaid dress for her little cousin Tally Lynn's wedding. And if that ain't problem enough, the second she drives back into town, the entire population of Lovett, Texas will be fixing her up with the nearest available man - any man. She needs a rescue plan now. And good-looking stranger Vince Haven might just be the perfect 'date' she needs to get her family off her back.But moody ex-Navy SEAL Vince Haven is only stopping by Lovett to visit his crazy Aunt Luraleen. 'No strings attached'is his motto, and he'll be damned if he acts as any woman's fake date! Sadie's out of luck again - but when Vince's aunt makes him an offer he can't refuse, he could be hanging around town for a while. And if Sadie gets that date after all, she might just get more than she bargained for!

  • Anglais Run To You

    Rachel Gibson

    The scorching hot love story of two troubled hearts from New York Times bestselling author Rachel Gibson, author of RESCUE ME and NOTHING BUT TROUBLE. Ex-marine Beau Junger likes fast cars and loud music. His body is covered in tattoos and makes girls go weak at the knees. But Beau's not interested in love this year: No women. No sex. No complications. His only worry is saving Stella Leon.Stella doesn't need saving. She's always been independent, confident, strong. At least on the outside. And she definitely doesn't need a man. After all, she's never known one she could depend on.But when Beau turns up and spirits her across the state to meet her estranged sister, everything changes. They've both got their demons to face, but as the southern heat brings tensions sizzling to the surface, something sparks between them. This tough guy has finally met his match - and they're both about to fall harder than a ton of red-hot bricks...

  • New York Times bestselling author Rachel Gibson returns to your favourite sexy SEAL twins - this time telling the story of Blake.Once upon a time, Natalie Cooper had it all - as a high school cheerleader she could shake her pom-poms with the best of them. But several years down the line, she's paying the price of popularity when her husband runs off with a twenty-year-old bimbo. Now Natalie just wants to focus on running her photo shop (and some of the pictures she sees...well, she really shouldn't!) and just trying to be a good mum.Then she comes toe-to-manly chest with Blake Junger. 'Exiled' to a remote cabin in Truly, Idaho, Blake wants nothing to do with anyone. Instead, he's determined to struggle with his demons and win...all on his own. But he doesn't count on a pint-sized five-year-old visitor - or Natalie Cooper, the kid's lusciously curved mother - to break down his barriers...

  • What is Clare Wingate doing? One minute she's suffering in the bridesmaid dress from hell, and the next...she's waking up beside Sebastian Vaughan, her girlhood crush turned sexy, globe-hopping journalist. Somewhere between the toast and the toss of the bouquet she'd got herself into a whole lot of trouble. But then how else are you supposed to deal with finding your fiancé in a compromising position with the washing machine repair man? Right now Clare's in no mood for love - not even for lust - and wants to forget about Sebastian ASAP. But he isn't in the mood to go away, and his kiss is impossible to forget...

  • When an undercover cop goes on the hunt for a female serial killer, he's not expecting to lose his heart. Quinn McIntyre has to pose as an internet dater to woo the chief suspect in a serial murder case, and the last thing on his mind is falling in love. Especially not to a thriller writer researching her next book, who doesn't even realise she's under surveillance... But Lucy Rothschild just doesn't seem like the killing kind... does she? Before too long, and against all his better instincts, Quinn finds he could be getting in too deep...

  • Anglais Run to you

    Rachel Gibson

    When Stella Leon reluctantly accompanies ex-Marine Beau Junger on a visit to her late father's ranch in Texas, where her half-sister Sadie is waiting to meet her for the first time, passion sparks between them on their journey.

  • Once upon a time, Natalie Cooper had it all - as a high school cheerleader she could shake her pom-poms with the best of them. But several years down the line and she's paying for all that popularity when her husband runs off with a 20 year old bimbo. Now she's running a photo shop and just trying to be a good mom.

  • Heartbreak, homecoming and getting hot under the collar -- it could only be a sexy new romance from Rachel Gibson

  • Au moment de dire oui, Georgie a paniqué et s'est enfuie. Elle a convaincue John, un des hockeyeurs de l'équipe dirigée par feu le fiancé, de l'emmener. Bien sûr, John ne sait rien et, lorsqu'il découvre quelques kilomètres plus tard, il apprend son identité et il comprend que son avenir dans l'équipe de hockey est bien compromise, mais Georgie est si charmante.

  • Anglais RESCUE ME

    Rachel Gibson

    Sadie Hollowell only invites Navy SEAL Vince Haven, who is in town visiting his crazy aunt, to her cousin's wedding to keep the matchmaking mamas in Lovett, Texas at bay, but then she finds herself falling for him.

  • Delaney Shaw doit retourner à Truly, la ville de son enfance pour la lecture du testament de son beau-père Henry. Delaney découvre que si elle veut toucher sa part de l'héritage, elle devra rester à Truly une année entière sans avoir de relation sexuelle avec Nick Alegrezza : Nick était un coureur de jupon dont Delaney était folle, mais Henry avait brisé leur relation...

  • Pour son prochain polar, Lucy Rothschild explore les sites de rencontres.
    Elle se fait passer pour une célibataire désespérée et elle donne rendez-vous à des hommes dont elle s'inspire pour ses personnages. Ensuite, elle les zigouille sauvagement... sur le papier. En général, ce sont des losers.
    Mais pas Quinn McIntyre. A sa grande surprise, Lucy se sent craquer pour de bon. Elle ignore que Quinn est en réalité flic, qu'il enquête sur des meurtres bien réels et qu'elle est sa principale suspecte !

  • MAUDITE, Adele Harris l'est assurément puisqu'elle n'attire que les ratés et les mufles.
    Même sa première expérience a tourné au fiasco lorsque Zach Zemaitis l'a plaquée pour épouser sa pire ennemie. Autant dire qu'elle n'a aucune envie de le revoir. Pourtant, quand sa soeur lui lance un SOS, elle est bien obligée de revenir à Cedar Creek. Maintenant, Zach est veuf, et sa fille est la meilleure amie de la nièce d'Adele. Forcément, ils sont appelés à se côtoyer. Forcément, tout cela va encore finir de manière pathétique.
    A moins... à moins que l'au-delà ne s'en mêle ?

  • Sex, scandal and seriously tight jeans -- read all about it in this fabulous romance from Rachel Gibson

  • Yet another truly seductive, page-turning romance from the one and only Rachel Gibson

  • Two opposing teams, one dangerously sexy game of love on the ice from the fabulously addictive Rachel Gibson

  • Another fabulous, oh-so-sexy romantic read from our US Top 10 bestselling author, Rachel Gibson