• They only stopped watching her for a matter of minutes. On a clear day, Anders took his wife and feisty six-year-old, Maja, for a walk from his home on the island across the frozen sea to the lighthouse. There was no one for miles around, so they stayed to admire the view while Maja struck out alone. There were no holes in the ice, no place for her to fall. She simply disappeared into thin air.Two years later, a wrecked Anders begins to investigate. Out on the island, he begins to feel he's not alone. Maja is out there and she's trying to communicate with him. If he's ever to know the truth, he will need to uncover the terrible past of the island and awaken an ancient evil that will terrify him to his very soul.

  • When Lennart Cederstrom found the baby girl lying in a plastic bag, she was close to death.As he gave her the kiss of life, her responding breath was a perfect musical note. In that instant, she became his obsession. He could do nothing but take her home. But his little star will take him into the realm of nightmares ...b

  • Whatever happened to Oskar and Eli? And what became of the beleaguered families in Handling the Undead? Find out in Let the Old Dreams Die. In other tales from this collection, a woman finds a dead body and decides to keep it for herself, a customs officer has a mysterious gift that enables her to see what others hide, and a man believes he knows how to deceive death. These are the stories of John Ajvide Lindqvist's rich imagination. They are about love and death, and what we do when the two collide and the monsters emerge.

  • He is a twelve-year-old outsider; bullied at school, dreaming about his absentee father, bored with life on a dreary housing estate. One evening he meets a mysterious girl. As friendship blossoms between them, he discovers her dark secret - she is a 200-year-old vampire, forever frozen in childhood and condemned to live on a diet of fresh blood. The inspiration behind the major feature film, Let the Right One In is a disturbing and brilliant reworking of the vampire legend, and a deeply moving fable about rejection, friendship and loyalty.

  • Something peculiar is happening. Stockholm is enduring a heatwave, electrical appliances cannot be switched off and everyone has a blinding headache. Then the terrible news breaks - in the city morgue, the dead are waking...David always knew his wife was far too good for him. But he never knew how lost he'd be without her until tonight when her car hit an elk. Now she's gone and he's alone. But when he goes to identify her body, she begins to move. It's terrifying, but it gives David a strange kind of hope.Across the city, grieving families find themselves able to see their loved-ones one last time. But are these creatures really them? How long can this last? And what does it all mean?Handling the Undead is a thrilling, shocking and moving story about a love that can defy death, from the acclaimed author of Let the Right One In.b

  • A dark and visceral coming-of-age vampire love story, based on the acclaimed novel and film. Oskar is a bullied, lonely, teenage boy living with his mother on a housing estate at the edge of town, when a spate of sinister killings rocks the neighbourhood. Eli is the young girl who has just moved in next door. She doesn't go to school and never leaves the flat by day. Sensing in each other a kindred spirit, the two become devoted friends. What Oskar doesn't know is that Eli has been a teenager for a very long time… Jack Thorne's adaptation of Let The Right One In premiered in June 2013 at the Dundee Rep Theatre in a production by the National Theatre of Scotland, before transferring to London's Royal Court Theatre in November 2013. 'moving and haunting... a rich and beautiful theatrical experience that is by turns gripping and tender' Herald 'a chilling and moving piece of theatre, full of pain, terror and unexpected moments of comedy' Scotsman 'beguiling... polished and poetic' Guardian

  • Oskar a 12 ans et vit avec sa mère dans une banlieue glacée de Stockholm. Solitaire et discret, martyrisé au collège, Oskar n'a d'yeux que pour sa nouvelle voisine. Elle est si différente ! La petite fille ne sort que le soir, ne craint ni le froid ni la neige, et exhale une odeur douceâtre et indéfinissable. Oskar trouvera en elle un écho à sa propre solitude et ils deviendront vite inséparables. Mais que penser des meurtres et disparitions inexplicables qui se multiplient dans le quartier depuis son arrivée ?

    Une magnifique et sanglante histoire d'amour et d'amitié entre deux êtres seuls et différents.

    Ce roman a été adapté deux fois au cinéma, en Suède et aux États-Unis, sous les titres Morse et Laisse-moi entrer.

  • I AM THE TIGER Nouv.


    John Ajvide Lindqvist

    • Riverrun
    • 11 Novembre 2021

    In the autumn of 2016 a wave of suicides swept through Stockholm''s underworld... Investigative journalist Tommy T''s star has faded since he was a fixture on Sweden''s talk-show circuit. His deep dive into the mysterious suicides-and the role of the elusive ''X'' who seems to be behind everything-will be his ticket back to the top. And the trail is hot: it leads him first to a murdered friend and then to a huge batch of cocaine. Meanwhile, Tommy''s seventeen-year-old nephew Linus is getting in deep himself. He''s been selling his ADHD medication since he was thirteen, hoping for bigger opportunities. Now there''s one staring him in the face-in the form of a huge batch of cocaine.But there''s a larger plan behind what is happening, and the business turns out to be both stranger and more dangerous than either of them could have imagined. I Am the Tiger is the culmination of the series that began with I Am Behind You and I Always Find You . John Ajvide Lindqvist spins the crime novel into the realm of the supernatural, as forces beyond human control infiltrate the suburbs of Stockholm.

  • A supernatural superthriller from the author of Let the Right One InMolly wakes her mother to go to the toilet. The campsite is strangely blank. The toilet block has gone. Everything else has gone too. This is a place with no sun. No god.Just four families remain. Each has done something to bring them here - each denies they deserve it. Until they see what's coming over the horizon, moving irrevocably towards them. Their worst mistake. Their darkest fear.And for just one of them, their homecoming.
    This gripping conceptual horror takes you deep into one of the most macabre and unique imaginations writing in the genre. On family, on children, Lindqvist writes in a way that tears the heart and twists the soul. I Am Behind You turns the world upside down and, disturbing, terrifying and shattering by turns, it will suck you in.

  • I Am the Tiger Nouv.

  • Anglais Harbour

    John Ajvide Lindqvist

  • Anglais Let me in film tie-in

    John Ajvide Lindqvist

    • Griffin
    • 11 Septembre 2010

    Twelve-year-old Oskar is obsessed by the murder that's taken place in his neighborhood. Then he meets the new girl from next door. She's a bit weird, though. And she only comes out at night--Publisher's description.

  • The story of a friendship between two damaged children and the terrible consequences for those who cross them.