Lucy Cooke

  • Dans ce livre passionnant et empreint d'un humour très british, Lucy Cooke, zoologiste anglaise de renom, passe au scalpel nos plus grands mythes animaliers en remontant aux sources de l'anthropomorphisme.
    Depuis l'Antiquité et Aristote, conforté des siècles plus tard par Buffon et son Histoire naturelle, nous prêtons à tort aux animaux des qualités ou des défauts humains - et ce, malgré les progrès de la science et des technologies. C'est cette volonté d'identification qu'explore ici la grande spécialiste du comportement animal, formée à Oxford auprès de Richard Dawkins, donnant à voir une réalité bien différente de ce que l'imaginaire collectif a toujours voulu nous faire croire au sujet de nos amies les bêtes.

    Du manchot pervers à l'orignal saoul, en passant par la hyène féministe, le panda diplomate ou encore le vautour hygiéniste : voilà un bestiaire inédit, finaliste du prestigieux Royal Society Science Prize et traduit en une vingtaine de langues, qui fait voler en éclats toutes nos idées préconçues.

  • 'Eye-opening, informative and very funny!' - Chris Packham
    History is full of strange animal stories, invented by the brightest and most influential, from Aristotle to Disney, and they reveal as much about us and the things we believe as they do about the animals they misrepresent. We once thought that eels were born from sand, that swallows hibernated under water, and that bears gave birth to formless lumps that were licked into shape by their mothers.Zoologist Lucy Cooke unravels many such myths, revealing the facts she's uncovered while sniffing out vultures, snooping on sloths and stalking drunk moose. The Unexpected Truth About Animals is in equal parts astonishing, illuminating and laugh-out-loud funny. Starring: feminist hyenas; perverted penguins, exploding bats and frogs in taffeta trousers...

  • Les enfants trouveront dans ce paquet 50 fiches nettoyables remplies de labyrinthes qui absorberont les enfants pendant les vacances ou les longs trajets ainsi qu'un feutre spécial, pour écrire et dessiner facilement sur les fiches, tout effacer et puis recommencer. Animaux ou robots, ils n'auront que l'embarras du choix parmi les divers thèmes proposés.

  • This is a practical guide for mothers in how best to feed their young children from 0-5 years of age.Full of real life examples from mothers themselves about their difficulties with feeding and what worked for them, it provides reassurance, dispels some of the myths around child feeding, and attempts to dissipate maternal guilt about feeding. Covering the years from pregnancy to primary school, the book will help readers through the most potentially problematic and worrying stages of child feeding with evidence-based solutions to common problems.

  • This book explores the motivations of R&D foreign direct investment (FDI) in a developed country, placing a particular emphasis on the United Kingdom. Multinational enterprises operate in increasingly competitive and complex environments, and the role of R&D can be vital in the creation, adaptation or adoption of knowledge across different foreign locations. This book offers valuable insight into the similarity and distinction between strategic and specific motivations of R&D FDI at the country level, addressing a key gap in previous research on the topic. Based on an empirical study, the authors challenge current thinking in international business studies by shifting focus from R&D FDI globalisation to the concentration of R&D FDI in a single location, conceptualising the interplay of strategic and location-specific motivations. This book is a vital read for students, researchers and practitioners interested in understanding the motivations behind R&D FDI decisions in the UK and beyond.